Empowering the Future: Ngao Credit Commitment to Youth Development

Ngao Credit empowering the youth

This holiday season, Ngao Credit, joyfully extends its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting local businesses such as USD Workshop – Palletes and Furniture Kenya.
We are thrilled to announce the donation of essential furniture equipment and machinery, contributing to the empowerment of the youth in our community.

USD Furniture is committed to youth welfare by partnering with Young Life Children Home to provide opportunities for young adults leaving the children’s home to learn essential skills for a better future.

empowering the youth

🛠️ Skills for Success: Carpentry Training Initiative with Ngao Credit

Ngao is actively contributing to the empowerment of the youth by supporting a program that imparts valuable carpentry skills. This initiative not only equips young individuals with the know-how of craftsmanship but also opens doors to sustainable employment opportunities.

carpentry training facilitated by Ngao Credit

We firmly believe that investing in skills development is a powerful way to address the challenges of youth unemployment, especially during times when job shortages pose significant hurdles.

Building Futures, One Skill at a Time

We recognize the potential within every young mind, and through partnerships like these, we aim to cultivate a brighter future.

By providing the necessary tools and equipment to USD Palletes & furniture Kenya, we are not only aiding in their business growth but also ensuring that the next generation has the skills they need to forge their own paths.

As the holiday season approaches, we are delighted to bring a touch of festive cheer. This collaboration is a celebration of the spirit of giving, and we hope it inspires others to join us in making a positive impact in our community.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Ngao Credit remains steadfast in its commitment to social responsibility, and we invite our community, partners, and stakeholders to join us on this meaningful journey. Together, let’s empower the youth, create opportunities, and build a future where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Thank you for being a part of Ngao’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the youth and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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