Everything You Need To Know About Our Jijenge Loan Product

In some cases, getting a personal loan in Kenya is desirable. You may want to start a small business, borrow for a trip or have some other use for the money. Whatever the reason is, getting a personal loan can give you the cash you need.

A personal loan, usually unsecured, can provide you with some little extra cash to help you meet your goals.

Jijenge Loan

Securing that personal loan can however be a bit difficult though. Many people in Kenya find the process tedious and scary. Usually, they don’t know where to begin and that’s the reason why we at Ngao credit developed the Jijenge Loan product for it’s existing customers.

Jijenge loan offers Ngao Credit’s existing clients tailor-made services that enable them to access quick cash in less than 30 minutes with a flexible repayment plan. The clients can apply for the special loan for three months, pay interest for only two moths and clear the principal on the third month.

Changing Lender Landscape

The market is very volatile and the lender landscape is also changing. The opportunity to create value depends on the quality of the customer experience. The loan application process is one of the core processes of financial institutions.

The application is often a tediously complicated process spanning across different systems and multiple departments. If the process is slow, financial institutions start losing clients and revenues due to bad customer experience and long wait times. 

Ngao Credit understands the importance of getting your loan closed and funded in a timely manner. Processing and disbursal of the Jijenge Loan to borrowers only takes 30 minutes as we try to capture a large share of its growing clients.


Remember as we said in our previous blog, Kenya is among the countries in East Africa with the highest proportion of adults accessing financial services according to a recent 2019 FinAccess Household survey.

Ngao Credit’s mission is to partner, strengthen and improve the lives of youth and all visionary Kenyans by offering unique, tailor-made financial solutions to enable them to achieve their life goals.

Only Ngao Credit’s existing clients get to enjoy the benefits of Jijenge loan product, so contact us today in case of any questions!

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