Happy Birthday Bridges Children Centre

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Happy Birthday Bridges Children Centre

We were thrilled to attend the Annual visit to the Bridges Children’s Home on August 3rd 2019. Our expectations were to bond and have fun with the children but we ended up with an even more valuable and richer experience.

From the word go, the Ngao team was received with a warm welcome from the children, staff and CEO of Bridges Children’s Home. As we were eager for the festivities to begin as the team was devoted to make this experience memorable to the children.

We all took different roles, from cooking delicious meals to helping to set up for the event. There were witty jokes from the Master of Ceremonies and inspiring speeches from both CEOs of Bridges Children’s home and Ngao Credit Ltd.

The entire day was a fun and family-friendly event that featured activities for the kids such as face painting, bouncing castles, lots of dancing and feasting.

In his speech, Ngao Credit Ltd CEO’s Mr. Ngumba John, talked about his admiration for people who transform lives of the less fortunate.

He said one of the people he held in high regard was the founding director of Starehe Boys, Dr. Geoffrey William Griffin, for his contribution to the school and society as a whole.  Mr. Ngumba mentioned that he aspired for Ngao Credit to follow in the same footsteps.

Ngao Credit’s donation was received by Ms. Rosemary Wafula, the CEO of the children’s home. She was delighted that Ngao keeps its promise year after year of checking up on the kids. Our team envisions a better life for the children in this home and intends to do even more in the future e.g. the home is still in need of more dorms and laboratories.

It was truly a delightful experience and we can’t wait for the next visit to Bridges Children’s Home.

Thank you Bridges Children’s Home for reminding us what’s important in life, one of which is seeing the children laugh, play and eat without a care in the world.

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