importing cars

Car importation is one of the most strenuous processes for individuals trying to import a vehicle to Kenya. It doesn’t matter the country of origin of the vehicle the process that you will be involved in might be highly demanding and if done wrong it might cost you more than you could imagine.

importing cars
Aerial view of new cars at parking port.

Here is why you should avoid all the hustle and tussle that is involved in importing your vehicles.

Car import regulations

You are going through car import websites such as SBT Japan, Be Forward or TCV (trade car view), to mention a few, and you identify a car you have always wanted since you were a kid. It is a 1992 Toyota Landcruiser 80 with about 95,000Km, has a fully upgraded suspension, new wheels fitted with offroad tires, has limited slip diff (LSD), central locking, side steps, power door mirrors, and front & rear power windows. It has power steering. This car has a long-range fuel tank. Is great for the family, catering for 8 people. To top it off it’s very affordable. Intriguing right?

Don’t just pull the trigger yet. Chances of you importing this specific vehicle, as much as it is your childhood dream, are next to none. Kenya has very strict regulations when it comes to car importation, one being you cannot import a vehicle that is more than 8 years old since the day of manufacture. These regulations and many others which you can find in this article might limit options for old-school or vintage car enthusiasts.

Car importation Process

Now for the heavy lifting! After you have identified your potential car and it checks all the KEBS regulations and qualifies to be imported to Kenya, how do you ensure that you get it on the Kenyan roads?

The importation process can be tedious and very engaging. From constant back and forth with the agent abroad to the unending calls with the agent in Kenya, you will need to be very involved in the process to ensure and guarantee a smooth process. An agent will take the load off your shoulder and handle all the processes for you. Since they already have an established relationship with agents, you are guaranteed a smooth importation process as long all the necessary payments are made on time.

Avoid being scammed

Car importer being scammed

Every day scammers are devising new methods of making a living off your hard-earned cash. Scammers are part of every industry including car selling and importation. Since the exchange of goods and money is not simultaneous, it might be very easy to fall victim to a con “artist”. How do you avoid falling a victim to their traps?

Before you choose an importing agent or company, it’s of paramount importance to ensure you have done your due diligence to know how legit the agent is. Go through their reviews, ask around, verify their registration with relevant boards or commissions and so much more.

Make it simple

To sum it up, find a dealer who will help with the process. You will still be able to save some money on the car purchase while at the same time, you will own a good and reliable car, hassle-free. If financing a car importation is a challenge, to us. At Ngao Credit Limited, we have a reliable network of partners who are professionals in the car-importing industry. They make the process easy and find affordable rates for you.

What do you think? Would you rather import a vehicle on your own or use Ngao credit Import financing? Leave a comment down below.

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