How To Fulfill Your Urgent Financial Needs : Ngao Credit Mobi Loan

Everyone faces financial challenges at some point in their life, when this happens you may be overwhelmed if you do not have a way out. Having an option of where you can get instant cash to deal with any financial emergency gives you peace of mind. That is why Ngao Credit came up with Mobi loan, to offer you instant access to cash anytime anywhere.

Mobi loan is a quickly accessible top up facility for our existing customers. To qualify you need to have a logbook loan with us. As the name suggests, you can apply for the loan at the convenience of your mobile phone and receive instant cash in your mobile wallet.


  1. All existing Ngao Credit clients with a current long-term loan
  2. Customers who have cleared their loan, but Ngao Credit is still in possession of their security (Logbook).

What is in store for you?

1. You can borrow up to 60% the value of your car, with a maximum top up of KES 300,000.

2. A repayment period of up to 3 months.

3. Ease of access via mobile phone by just dialing *725#.

4. Funds deposited directly to your mobile money wallet.

5. No paperwork

Steps to Getting Started

1. Dial the USSD code*725# on your phone and press call.

2. From the prompt enter ‘1’ to check the loans we offer

3. Select Mobi Loan and request for the loan

4. You will see a display of how much money we can loan you.

5. Enter the amount and Boom you have cash!

Why you should consider Mobi loan today!

·        A source of emergency funds

Emergencies can be a burden to your finances. But having access to a financial institution that can offer quick loans is vital to keep the pressure at bay. For example, medical emergencies need to be addressed fast, relying on traditional banks is prone to delays and that is why MFIs such as Ngao Credit strive to offer quick loans.

·        Use it as you see fit

Pressed by pending bills? Accumulated bills can be a burden, the solution is to settle bills on time. Whether it is paying school fees for your kids or paying your suppliers to settle a debt, having a financial partner you can trust to deliver quickly is key.

·        Flexibility in amount

With a top up loan, you can apply for any amount (not exceeding maximum) depending on your needs and there are no follow ups on why or how you use the loan.

·        Simple eligibility and fast approvals

Easy approvals because you are already a customer, therefore you will get the funds approved and disbursed quickly.

Ngao Credit has been the trusted financial destination for over 12 years. We make it our priority to serve you by providing financial services at the convenience of your palm. Get started today by dialing *725 #  and get a fast Mobi top up!


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