Motisha offers an end to end Import Solution. Simply Choose, Relax and Drive with Ngao Credit.


The solution to stressful process of importing a car is here, it enables the customers to choose the car of his/her own choice relax as he/she wait to drive.

At Ngao credit we understand the stressful process the client goes through in importing a vehicle and the value that can be added to an importer’s customer through the delivery of end to end service.


  • Its convenience as we offer end to end service
  • Faster clearance hence avoids high port charges
  • The product has a maximum duration of 2years
  • As lower interest rate as 3.5% per month



  • Deposit 50% of the CIF
  • 2 Passport size photos​
  • Original ID & pin​
  • Certified 6 months Bank statements
  • Duly signed post-dated cheque

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