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Our easy-to-access car financing enables you to buy a personal car. We enable you to buy a brand-new car or a used car.

We offer up to 70% financing for showroom and zero-mileage cars and used cars from local or foreign dealers.

  • You can get a loan amount of up to Kes. 3,000,000.
  • Enjoy a flexible repayment period of up to 36 months.
  • Affordable interest rates of 3.5%


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Why Choose Ngao Car Financing

Owning your dream car has never been easier. With Ngao Credit you can get quick car financing in Kenya.

  1. 1. Transparent: Affordable interest rates & no hidden fees
  2. 2. Flexible repayments: You can pay in 0 – 36 months with no charges on early repayment
  3. 3. Same-day processing: with all the required documents your loan will be processed the same day.
  4. 4. High loan amount of up to Kes. 3 million
  5. 5. Hassle-free loans: all you need is 30%, we will handle the rest.

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  • Proforma invoice from the dealer ​
  • Original PIN and National ID​
  • Latest 12 months bank statements​
  • Comprehensive Insurance ​
Frequently Asked Questions
  • " Ngao Credit helped me import my dream car. "

    Marjorie Wambui Customer, Import Finance
  • " Ngao Credit helped me get my business back on its feet. "

    Chef Ken Customer, Logbook Loan
  • " Ngao Credit helped me achieve my retirement plan of becoming a farmer. "

    Cyrus Methu Customer, Logbook Loan
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