Regulation on Car importation to Kenya

Kenya is a country that’s home to the wildest of game, vast expanses of savannahs and plains, and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. As such, it’s no surprise that many visitors, as well as locals, choose to explore as much of Kenya as possible by driving through it. This makes Kenyan grow a desire to own their own car.

Owning a car in Kenya might be considered a luxury to some yet it might be a necessity to others. Whatever the case there are two main ways one can purchase a car in Kenya. You can either buy it locally or import it. If you’re planning on importing a car, here are the set regulations you should know.

Must be right-hand drive vehicles.

Kenya allows the importation of right-hand drive vehicles only. The majority of vehicles in Kenya come from countries such as Japan, Singapore, and UK which are right-hand side countries. It is not allowed to bring in any vehicles from left-hand side countries, such as the USA.

It should be 8 years old or less.

You cannot import vehicles older than 8 years. There is an exception for certain vehicles that are imported as spare parts. The age of the vehicle is calculated from the date of manufacture, and this is usually indicated on the chassis plate.

It should be compliant with the Euro 3 or Euro 4

Importing a car manufactured before the Euro 3 or Euro 4 regulations is not allowed in Kenya. You should be aware that the regulations for your country of origin may differ from those of Kenya.

By Rfeba - Own work, CC0,
emision standards for petrol cars

It should have a certificate of conformity

The vehicle should have a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer in the English language or accompanied by a certified translation. This certificate will state that the vehicle complies with all applicable Kenya Bureau of Standards regulations.

There are some types of vehicles that you cannot import

As of 1st, July 2022 Kenyans will not be able to import the listed vehicles. The Kenya National Bureau of Standards(KEBS) plans to ban the importation of some types of vehicles effective July.

Mini buses not to be imported to kenya
  • Used passenger mini-buses (However, used passenger micro-buses of up to seven meters overall length shall continue to be imported under the above set regulations).
  • Used rigid trucks with Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV).
  • Tractor heads and prime movers not older than three years, from the year of first registration, will be allowed up until June 30, 2023.

To sum it up, this is all you need to know before buying that car abroad to import. We hope this article has been helpful and informative for anyone considering importing a car from overseas. It’s always better to do your research before making such a large purchase. Know what you’re getting into and how much you need.

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