Dads might be the toughest people to know what to get them for Father’s Day. While some might be very straightforward, with what they might want as a gift for Father’s Day, others aren’t just materialistic as such. Whatever the case we can all agree that Fathers or any father figure in your life deserves a great gift this Father’s Day.

We all want the best for our dads and the father figures in our lives. Want to win the favorite child status for the rest of the year? Here are our top 7 thoughtful gift ideas for your father this Father’s Day. Number 5 is very different.

1.      Luxury Watch

Looking for a timeless gift, how about a genuine luxury watch? Whether you go for quartz, mechanical or automatic watch, a wristwatch reflects a man’s self-expression representing a sense of their personality. Getting your father, a watch that he will have on him most of the time is a good place to start and win some bragging rights when he meets up with his fellow gentlemen.

“This is just a titanium Citizen radio-controlled automatic watch that my favorite child got me for Father’s Day.” Sounds nice, right?

2.      Branded genuine leather goods.

Men are tough, (or at least they try to appear). In pursuit to appear tough, men use accessories that represent toughness and durability, hence the material that comes to mind is leather thanks to its toughness and longevity.

Picture this, leather shoes, a matching belt, a matching bag, a matching wallet, then complemented with a matching watch strap. To top it all off the belt, watch strap, and wallet are all personalized to him with branding. This would be one personalized gift that he would ever get. Again, earning you some brag rights in front of his peers. “Just a hand-made leather wallet made from a premium full-grain hide, I got from my child.”

3.      Tech him up

Although they might not say it, they want to be updated with the latest technology in the market. This Father’s Day can be an ideal time to upgrade your father’s technology setup. May it be his smartphone, getting him a computer, or upgrading his home entertainment system, teching up your dad is a step closer to winning the “favorite child” spot this year.

4.      A trip to the wild

Is your dad adventurous? If yes, this can be an ideal gift. If no, then test how adventurous he is. Gift him a weekend getaway to the wild and get to test his camping skills. This can be one of those times that you get to see the other side of your father that you might not have seen.


Get time to bond, learn more about him and get to ask all the questions that we don’t get to ask our African dads, yes that question. This will be the time that you will get to learn survival skills that you might not have heard of. Try it out and create memories as you solidify your relationship.

5.      NSE Stocks

Thinking about gifting your dad a financial gift? One of them is getting him lucrative NSE stocks or shares. By doing this you are gifting him something that will earn him returns yearly hence securing a somewhat steady income that can set him up for coming retirement years.

6.      Get him started in Real-estate

Real estate or property investment. Home mortgage loan rate. Saving money for retirement concept. Coin stack on international banknotes with house model on table. Business growth background


How about a more lucrative and ever-green investment, real estate. This is one of the best ways to show your father that you care about his future and finances. Real-estate business either by owning rental premises or owning a home is one of the best ways to ensure that your future is secured. This is more on the higher side, but you will for sure win the “favorite child spot”.

7.      Get him a car


Asking your father to get you a car might be a difficult act. However, making your father the proud owner of a car on Father’s Day will not only improve his view of the world but make him feel like a king. The gift will be an expression of your love and the true appreciation that you have for your father and will serve as a great reminder of how much you care about him.

Getting a car is one of the costliest purchases a man can make for himself, let alone for a father. But still, it will be one of the most rewarding gifts to gift your father.

To sum it up, we all want the best for our parents. We want to give them the best. Yes, times are hard to some, and we might be short on cash but still, to what extent will you go to give your parents the best. Don’t forget to wish your dad and father figures in your life a happy Father’s Day this Sunday


Leave a comment down below, what gift will you gift your dad this Father’s Day?


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